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**New Legislation Just Passed---Take our course and get your Driver's License at age 16 years and 3 months instead of 16 years and 9 months!!!  *Must be at least 15 years old to take the class. **Effective 7/1/2015.

"Best Performer-Indiana" Award Recipient-National Safety Council

Our Driver Education Services         
Our course consists of both classroom instruction and six one hour private/individual behind-the-wheel driving sessions scheduled at your convenience.  We will pick you up and drop you off for your driving sessions if you reside inside St.Joseph County, Indiana.  You do need your own transportation to our office for your classroom hours.
Classes are taught by qualified professional educators.

2019 Spring Class Schedule

9 & Online Package- Our Most Popular Choice! Only 3 Days of Class! 
Regular Price $475.00, HOWEVER, if you pay in full on or before the first day of class receive a $50.00 discount making the Special Price $425.00.
We understand the busy lifestyles teens and their parents are living, therefore making class attendance difficult. Many parents and students want to have the in-class experience, but the convenience of an online course. Well, now you can have BOTH! Our program consists of just 3 days of class (For a total of 9 hours) and then completion of the class portion online (additional 30 online hours). Students can ask questions and learn some of the more difficult aspects of driving in the classroom and then continue their studies at their own pace online. This in-class portion is an excellent prep for the written test for obtaining the student's Learners Permit. This course requires students to enroll in our preferred online class. Students will need access to the internet for some course work. The course also includes the six one hour private/individual behind-the-wheel driving sessions. We will pick you up for your driving sessions if you reside inside St. Joseph County, Indiana.

2019  9 & Online Classes (Only 3 days!)
April 2 (Tues.) - April 4 (Spring Break) *Class meets Tues.,Wed.,Thurs., 9:30am-12:30pm
April 22 (Mon.) - April 24
*Class meets Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday, 5:30pm-8:30pm.
May 13 (Mon.) - May 15 *Class meets Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday, 5:30pm-8:30pm.

Online Class and Driving - Regular price $475.00, HOWEVER, if you pay in full at time of registration, receive a $50.00 discount making the Special Price $425.00.
This package is for those individuals who simply cannot find the time to attend our in-class sessions, but still wish to complete the full program. Included in this package is access to our preferred provider as well as the six one hour individual drive times. Using our preferred provider insures you are getting the very best online program and allows us to follow your progress. You will need to stop by our office to complete the registration process (bring your birth certificate or State ID).  A seperate e-mail from our provider will be sent to you with your login info to begin the class.  This email is usually sent in 24-48 hours after registering.

Online Drives Only - Cost $425.00 (No Discounts)
This package is for individuals who have already registered for an online class and are in need of the six hours of driving to complete their full course. We will need documentation verifying you're enrolled in your online course before issuing the CDE form to get your learner's permit. You will need to stop by our office to complete the registration process.

Online Classroom Only - Cost $100.00 (No Discounts)
This package includes ONLY the 30 hour classroom training online. Students can learn at their own pace and will receive a certificate of completion when finished. If they wish, students can then purchase their six one hour behind-the-wheel driving sessions with Frick's.  The six hours of driving are required if you want to obtain your Learner's Permit under age 16 years. You will need to stop by our office to complete the registration process.

Private Driving Lessons - Cost $80.00 per hour (No Discounts)
If you are an adult wishing to obtain limited help with driving, we have a program for you as well. If you need assistance in learning to parallel park or are nervous driving on the highway, we can help. You can purchase one hour or several hours. We will pick you up for your lessons. You must have a valid Learners Permit to take a driving lesson.
*Schedules subject to change.

Road Test
We participate in the Road Test Waiver Program.  If you Passed both the Classroom and Driving portions, you qualify to take your Road Test with us.  You may do so upon completion of the course. The Road Test is in addition to the 6 behind-the-wheel hours and there is an additional charge. If you Pass your Road Test with us you will NOT be required to take a Road Test at the license bureau, so long as you do not let your permit expire.  Everyone trying to obtain an Indiana driver's license must take a Road Test.  If you take our class you can take the test with us or at the license bureau.  If you do not take driver's ed, you will be required to take your road test at the license bureau.

One more thing...
Please call if you'd like us to mail you a Brochure or if you have any questions.

If you'd like to Sign Up for a class, you may do so by telephone or Print the Registration Form and mail completed form.

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